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Well hello there! This is my GitHub pages where I talk about my self and link to interesting projects.

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:point_right: About

I add a lot of emphasis on my creativity in problem-solving, product-usage, and personal projects. The greatest interests at the moment are in security and user experience. I’m driven by exploring different perspectives to present the best product for end-users, owners, and other parties.

:mortar_board: Education

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Competer Science and Engineering

The education focused on software technology, which meant that I could tailor their expertise in different technologies. I chose to focus more on user experience and security. I have taken courses where you have been able to use programming within the different paradigms and working a lot in projects. In addition to this so has the training been very much about practical problem solving either through the technical courses or mathematics.

Bessemerskolan, Upper-Secondary School, Engineering in IT

In addition to natural sciences such as physics and mathematics, I have learned a lot in engineering and IT. SI have then learned a lot in product design, CAD and programming. In the IT specialization, I had to work a lot with Java, web and mobile development.

:briefcase: Experience

Fullstack-Developer in Java & Javascript, Experis Sweden

Fullstack-developer at Experis Sweden, with the first months with their education program called Experis Academy. Experis Academy started with the purpose to meet the needs in the current market, based on the needs and requirements needed in system development. By finding the candidates with a good academic background and personal qualification have Experis with the help of Experis Academy educated these even further, with their bespoke intensive course with the focus in fullstack programming and Java. The program is based on methods like accelerated learning and the education consists of a combination of both theoretical and practical exercises. The education is 3 months and the consultant is studying full-time. After completed education the consultant will be certified in Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer 1. The education consists of the following technologies: Java 8, Spring, Scrum, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS, Javascript 101, Apache Tomcat, REST, SOAP.

:open_file_folder: Projects

Bachelor Thesis

I conducted a study between different mobile application development tools. To get develop a good decision-making method so that companies, customers and end-users get the best possible option. I reviewed popular technologies such as Progressive Web Apps, React Native and standard applications made with Java or Objective-C. I, together with another student have developed studies with both end-customers where they have compared an application that has been developed with these tools to find a difference in the user experience. I have also conducted a case study at the IT-consultant company Slagkryssaren AB which meets their requirements for a development tool. The report can be found at DiVa: diva2:1449825.

The Multi-Criteria Decision-Making tool can be found here: